2020 Degrees

Being a good interior architect/designer is a matter of context. The context in which this year’s degree work was created, produced and invented was one of profound upheaval. To do without it would have been in such strong opposition with the principle upheld throughout their 5 years of study – to work with what already exists in order to best transform it – that, collectively, we chose to see this approach through to the end, from a distance.

It was a huge gamble for a design school, where materiality, collective discussion or the emergence of an idea through a simple look or movement form a palette of potential self-expressions.

Though supported by their degree directors, they often found themselves alone, faced with imaginary horizons that have produced some wonderful, liberated moments.

You are being shown the fruit of this exceptional degree work today, on this virtual platform, created especially for them as they deserve.

René-Jacques Mayer,

The director, the teachers and the Camondo School team